I build with

I wrote the codes for the first time when I was in High school in 2013 the primary coding practices were web related like using languages like PHP and Javascript accompanied with HTML and CSS. After high school, I started to work on real-world projects, particularly related to web development. I released the first used web application in May 2015. For now, I primarily use Javascript, Python, and PHP.


For me, Javascript is Sexier than others, despite its fatigue! I have been using Javascript on numerous projects with different frameworks for both backend and front-end.

UI JS Frameworks I build with:
  • React / React-native 💖 (Others related: Redux, NextJS)
  • JQuery
NodeJS Frameworks I build with:
  • ExpressJS(Mostly)
  • HapiJS


I started using Python in 2017, I started using for job qualification. Currently, I use python frequently: I build with Django and Flask Frameworks.


I have been using PHP(Hardcoded) since high school. After finishing high started using a framework which was Laravel. I started using Laravel in 2016 (It was Version 5.2). At the moment I don't use it Laravel/PHP frequently except for quick and small projects(like Hackathons)


I build using HTML,CSS, and SASS. I mostly use Bootstrap as a Framework


Due to working in full-stack web development made me build with the followings:
  • REST APIs design
  • Third-party API integrations
  • Web Sockets(Socket.io)
  • Firebase
  • Linux web server configurations(Currently using Digital ocean droplets)
  • SQL Databases(MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite)
  • NoSQL databases(MongoDB & RethinkDB)

  • Projects

    The projects I've worked/working on are proprietary but I've put some open projects on Github Mostly of them are hackathons projects -> Unfinished 🙃

    Some projects demo videos 🎬